Angyal Agency is licensed to legally represent producers and suppliers of alcoholic products in the provinceS of ontario, MANITOBA AND SASKATCHEWAN

Our products can be purchased in regular LCBO stores in Ontario, MBLL outlets in Manitoba and SLGA locations/private retailers in Saskatchewan.

We bring you award-winning wines from the Tokaj region of Hungary, Germany (Rheinhessen, Saar, Mosel) and Austria.

The list includes dry, off-dry, semi-sweet and pure dessert wines; white, red and rosé; young, aged and late harvest; even bubbly.

Craft beers are on the move - up. And we are moving with it.  Taste our best and purest brews from Hungary, Germany, Italy and Iceland.

Taste a genuine Hungarian pálinka made of locally grown fruits. Try a German fruit brandy, a Schnapps maybe a wild liqueur. We even have the unique Icelandic Brennivin: a caraway seed based Aquavit alongside some Scottish-style single malts, young malts and spruce-flavoured pure gin.